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Employees coming and going, or maybe you are just ready to take the next step and get rid of that metal key once and for all — we provide the security industries a wide range of proximity-based access, including tags, fobs, cards, chip-enabled cards, biometric. In addition, you have the option of simple mobile access through NFC & Bluetooth — all manageable from your phone.


Commercial or Residential, a combination-based entry has always been an entry solution with unique advantages. At the time of installation, we will guide you on how to quickly change the code. We service and install offices, buildings, commercial suites and private homes throughout Brooklyn and the surrounding neighborhoods. Call now for more information on keypad-based entry.


Believe it or not, Electric Strikes were invented over a century ago with one purpose — remotely authorize access to a locked door. What’s great about them is that they come in every dimension making it simple to switch your initial fixed strike without custom installation. The strike can be released by fobs, cards, keypads, your phone, an intercom or any other access control solution.


So, ever ask yourself -- how is a glass door locked? The answer is simple, Magnetic locks. The holding force of a Maglock starts at 300 lbs, and some are over 1,500 lbs. They are easy to install; however, if not installed correctly can overtime wear out the door hinges. Make sure you Magnetic Lock is installed correctly. Already have one and just need a tune-up? No problem! We'd be happy to stop by and help out!


Access Control is a method which monitors who can monitor or control entry from a computer system. Access control allows you to make changes remotely, and log history of all activity. Electric Strikes, Maglocks, Proximity Readers & Keypads can be programmed from a computing environment. Access Control systems are the highest most advanced solution for all business’ and organizations.


Flatbush locksmith offers top of the line video surveillance technology with a wide range of NVR and DVRs that include a wide variety of, screens, storage & cloud systems. We carry out installation from A-Z and can set up your home or office with the most advanced systems on the market today. Mounting, connecting, programming and training, we will provide it all. Call now for a free consultation

Other Services We Provide


Our emergency services are available for all neighborhoods in New York. Doorknobs, deadbolts, slam locks, wood doors, glass doors, metal doors, safes, vaults and electronic locks — you name it, we can help.

Give us a call and tell us the situation, and we will be there within the next 20 minutes.


One of our expertise at Flatbush Locksmith is Safes & Vaults. Lockouts, combination changes, servicing, repairing & recalibrating, these are all tasks we are qualified and trained for.

If you are locked out of your safe, we will get it open for you and make sure you can keep on using as you did before


A fine enterance, reflects a fine business. Switching that warn out Aluminum door, upgrading to glass or even simply installing a new wood residential door will upgrade how you present yourself to your guests.

Aluminum, glass, wood and metal — we will install, services & repair them on-site