Doors & Frames

Aluminum, Glass, Wood & Metal

A fine enterance, reflects a fine business. Switching that warn out Aluminum door, upgrading to glass or even simply installing a new wood residential door will upgrade how you present yourself to your guests

Our team of door repair techs are trained to meet your door repair needs. Aluminum, glass, wood and metal — we will service them on-site without holding up your ordinary course of business

Door in good condition but it just won’t close right? Door closers, floor checks, hinges, pivots and even stoppers — we have parts that fit almost every door. We will make sure that door swings freely

We Are A Full Service Locksmith Shop

Brooklyn homes and business’ choose Flatbush Locksmith because of our quality hardware and customer satisfaction. Commercial, institutional, industrial and residential — we have serviced them all. The first step would be giving us a call for a quick consultation on what would be the best solution for you. Wether if it is on the phone, or through a walkthrough, we want to ensure we understand you needs.

  • Residential Doors: house/apartment doors are unfortunately overlooked and only addressed when the door is completely stuck. We can help if that happens, but if you see that your door is sagging or sticking, we would be happy to come by for a quick fix. Our goal is to prevent you from getting locked out because of a failing door.
  • Commercial Doors: the most frequently installed doors in NYC are Aluminum & Glass. However, since they are used hundreds and even thousands times a day, they are bound to get warn out. Our team of experts will make sure that you business’ entryway, will keep on working as smooth as it did from day one
  • Doorways & Frames: door frames suffer a lot of wear and tear over time. Wether if it is for a cosmetic touch up, or a repair, we specialize in door frame repair and installation.

Aluminum, Glass, Wood, Metal You Name It, We’ll Be there

Installation, Maintenance and Repair for all Commercial & Residential Doors