Safes & Vaults

Around the clock Safe & Vault service

Locked out of your safe?

Safes & Vaults are the biggest challenge a locksmith or safe tech can face in a lockout. A 100-year old antique vault, modern-tech biometric safe — it is not a simple task. However, what if we told you that just because you are locked out of your safe, it doesn’t mean you cannot use it again?

One of our expertise at Flatbush Locksmith is Safes & Vaults. Lockouts, combination changes, servicing, repairing and recalibrating, these are all tasks we are qualified and trained to do.

If you are locked out of your safe, we will get it open for you. More importantly, we will get it open and make sure you can keep on using it. 

Most Common Safe Work


Unknown combinations, safe malfunctions, dead battery, broken dial, broken key, broken dial, combination not working


Lock repairs, maintenance, soldering, mounting & bolting, drill hole repair, safe lubrication, parts replacement

Safe Lock Change

New combinations, replacement of broken locks, switching from digital to mechanical (and vice versa), master combinations

We also supply and install safes!

Mechanical combination safes, electronic code safes, keypad safes, time locks, antique safes, key cylinder safes, deposit safes & boxes — we supply deliver and install them all. In case you just want to change the lock, we can swap that old mechanical dial with a new electric keypad.

Examples of safe locks we work with: Alpine, Amsec, Chubb, Diebold, Kromer, LaGard, Maur, MAS, Meilink, Mosler, Remington, Sargent & Greenleaf, Sentry, Victor & Yale